Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education (www.foozos.hr), a constituent of the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek (www.unios.hr) is the educational affiliation where future masters of primary education and bachelors and masters of early and preschool education gain and exchange knowledge, and build their competencies and expertise. At present, there are approximately 1,000 students studying at the Faculty. The mission of the Faculty of Education is to ensure and enable excellence in every area of its educational and scientific endeavors at the national and international level. It aims to provide opportunities for lifelong learning in order to contribute to the quality assurance in teaching and learning. The Faculty supports teachers’ professional development and organizes new forms of education within the programs aimed at broadening knowledge and developing competencies.


Since 2016, the Faculty of Education is a registered European Talent Point (ETP).